Born in 1986 in Washington, D.C,  Marie de Villepin grew up in the United States and India. Through her many travels, she began developing drawing and musical skills at an early age. In 2005, she moved to New York and then Los Angeles, where she developed various musical projects, before devoting herself entirely to painting.

Having participated in a number of group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Hong Kong, in 2019 she presented her first solo exhibition titled New Creatures, which marked her return to Paris. She is currently working on “Murmurations”, a new exhibition scheduled to open on the 23rd of April 2022 at the Galerie Charraudeau (Paris), where she is deepening the links in between colors, sounds, and rhythms. Favoring oil paintings, her creations are in close resonance with her time, and oscillate between figuration and abstraction.

“These paintings embody an art of freedom. Marie de Villepin lets herself be guided by the desire for the new, to take possession of what is already there in order to venture elsewhere, to throw off conventions, to cry out, to up sticks. The fulfilment of the form comes in moving forward, sometimes only once the colours have apportioned everything that could be conquered, sometimes well before, when, surrounded by reserve, line and colour attain a fragile equilibrium of forces.” - Daniel Arlaud